Ability to delete private reviews


Our customer tried to write a private negative review. Now it is sitting there and can't be deleted. Would be nice if there was an option to delete certain private reviews.


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I did the same thing. I was testing the private feedback for my agency, and I cannot delete it as I was just testing it. Can this be updated so we can delete the Private Feedback or add categories to move it into a different area, like Do NOT Respond or In Progress, so we do not see the private feedback in the platform when we log in?


Giacomo Chinellato

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Christian Kloewer

Thank you, Tony, for pointing out, that I could ask the Climbo support for help on this issue!


Christian Kloewer

I have the same case, a client is unhappy with his own negative private review he gave for test-purposes. It's not 100% crucial, but gives him a bad feeling, every time he logs into Climbo.

I would also like to suggest the ability to edit all private and negative reviews on the platform, see:



Tony H

Perhaps consider expanding this to ability for owners to delete any reviews from the Climbo platform.

I have had a few clients that have successfully convinced reviewers to completely remove their negative reviews from Google, but they remain in Climbo.

Fortunately, Climbo support is quick to respond and get these removed upon request, but that isn't the ideal solution.