Create SMS on/off option with 3rd party SMS API integrations

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Fixing sms functionality is everyone's #1 priority whether it be thru aws or a 3rd party service we can set up.

As agents we have lost 1/2 of our product functionality and a work around is a crucial and urgent need for all.

I was also thinking it would be amazing if we could turn on/off SMS functionality at the Admin level to allow us an upsell opportunity or a way to provide a value-added service. Its a major bargaining tool as most everyone knows SMS has a much higher open and read rate than email totaling a whopping 90%.

My suggestion is to

1st. Make SMS a feature we can turn on and off inside customer accounts via admin to give us an SMS service upsell opportunity

2nd. Integrate 3rd party API integrations for services like Twilio for SMS to give us all a backup and/or alternative SMS service capability to avoid SMS downtime due to a single person's bad behavior among hundreds, perhaps even thousands of agents.

3. The Climbo agency app should have a failover mechanism that allows the use of a backup SMS network in the event the primary goes down, so we do not have an interrupt in client services and potentially lose that client's business.


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In Addition to Turning on and Off .......
Is to also add restricting outbound 1 customer for 1email n 1 text, That's It! Chances of getting a review past 3-4 days of service is next to none. And the more you are a PITA about it to them, it becomes a turn off, Marketing 101.
This is a Review Portal System NOT a Text or email Blast System. If you want Blasts get different systems or platforms for that.
Also the monthly amount should be adjustable by Agency level, gauging to their real forecast of daily use and to deter spamming by Biz Owner as well. So this would mean getting rid of upload csv files to both, sms and email, to deter even the inkling of thought to spam.

I CAN NOT use another Baby sitting job here. Can Climbo Coders Fix this please and soon. Surprised this wasn't implemented outta the gate. You got spammers on purpose and then ya have the too stupid ones, that don't realize they are doing spam. Amazingly True.

Lwole, How fast do you think they can get this implemented?


Giacomo Chinellato

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