Dynamic QR Codes

Erik Allen

As of now, the auto-generated QR codes inside Climbo are NOT dynamic.

If we ever need to change the URL address they are pointing to, we can't. Changing the address inside Climbo generates a whole new QR code, which is archaic and should be fixed.

The only option for this is to use a 3rd party system that generates a dynamic QR code. I personally use either qr.io or pxl.to do this.

While using a 3rd party source isn't a dealbreaker, the new dashboard ties into the Climbo QR code and tracks the number of scans, so keeping the QR inside of Climbo, would be beneficial for monthly stats.


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Nassim Belick

any update ? its an important feature


torsten mohr

Yes this is needed but please allow us to upload a third party QR code and link the uploaded to the analytics. That would give us the possibility to create the QR codes in advance in a third party tool and print everything we need to set up a client and link the QR code later on to a client . So we don’t need to return to the client to set them up with the prints and nfc cards ! We could do it directly and are ready to go



surprised it wasn't dynamic from the getgo


Hermes Lee

Hi Erik, if you use a 3rd Party QR code, then the Climbo native analytic will not recognize the QR code scan counts right?


Erik Allen



Giacomo Chinellato

Status changed to: Under review