Phone number missing in Feedback emails

Aileen Mik

I noticed that the telephone number of the individual who leaves a private comment does not come through in the email notifications that get sent out. Could that get fixed? The clients do not like the idea of going to look for that info via the platform and would much rather prefer to see that in an email instead, perhaps add that to the body of the message. The following format would be super useful:

Feedback from Name: xxxx
Email supplied: xxxx@sss.com
Phone supplied : 123-123-123
Comment: xxxxxx

Certainly looking forward to that change.


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This whole thing should be reformatted when it comes in as an email. The subject line should say Private Message from the Customer name. Then, have each form field filled in on the email as well, just like any other contact form that gets filled out on a website with the person's contact information so they can be contacted immediately! And then the private feedback message underneath. This should be a priority as if a customer misses a private message from an unhappy customer, then that unhappy customer will be putting their review publicly on Google or any other channel. Please escalate this to be completed.


Giacomo Chinellato

Status changed to: Under review


Aileen Mik

One additional item I don't see come through via feedback email is the Star rating the CX entered. So having that as well would be super useful