Private review improvement


Please enhance the private reviews and add some extra settings to them.
I am talking about the choice "Private review" that appears when a positive star rating has been given, in the list of choices with the other integrations (e.g. Google, Facebook, etc.) and video reviews.

The first major issue I am encountering is that these reviews create confusion among reviewers, given that they are automatically added to the widgets (we have to manually hide them one at a time from the widgets if we want to keep them private). If the reviewers have chosen to post a "Private" review, they do not expect that it is automatically (and immediately) shown on the widget; they expect it to actually stay private.

I would suggest distinguishing between actual "Private reviews" which remain private and do not appear in the widgets by default (but can be shown with manual approval, after asking the reviewer if it is okay), and "Website reviews" (or "Direct reviews", or maybe we can freely rename the button for this type of review), which are managed like the "Private reviews" now and automatically appear in the widgets on the website.

NB: I know that this choice can be disabled in the settings, but I still like the idea of allowing users to leave a direct review even if they do not have an account on the other platforms (e.g. Google, Facebook, etc.). I also like the idea of allowing users to leave private feedback, but it should be actual private feedback that remains private and not private feedback that is immediately published in the widgets (and therefore becomes public).

Another issue is in the widgets, where private reviews display with a custom icon for the "source" (two checkmarks on a green background). If you inspect it and have a detailed look, the image leaks Climbo as a platform (given that the image itself is called "climbo.png"). This should either be our platform logo/favicon, a custom logo we can upload, a custom icon/logo our customers can upload (maybe as an additional feature in the custom plans), or at least something more generic (like a star icon) that does not carry the name "Climbo".

Another issue is that private reviews do not generate notifications: We do not receive an email after a private review has been published. There should be a notification that informs us about a new private (and/or "direct") review.


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Giacomo Chinellato

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