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Marketing Cash Cow

I notice everytime I upload a CSV for email review requests, that the list completely disappears whether I simply click on another page or delivery type option.

Why isn't the data automatically saved? I had to re-upload my list multiple times as i had issues that took me off page momentarily, but thats enuf for the list to vanish.

Also, if i upload a list under email review requests, why do i have to reload the same list under Whatsapp or SMS? Shouldn’t it carry over? Its not like the business has multiple different customers lists per type of review request per location.

Lastly, after list upload and review request, a lot of emails drop off and do not show as loaded or as an errored upload. How are we to see and identify what addresses were legit/uploaded. There's no currently way to compare that list or see failed upload lines. When your dealing with large lists, it is impractical to manually identify incomplete or failed address/number uploads.

My suggestion is too
1. Make the list upload once and accessible across all review methods in that profile.
2. Receive a line by line upload report with failed uploads identified and marked.
3. Have the ability to delete the entire uploaded list.Single line deletion exists, but not full list.
4. Add an email verifier feature to the upload section that validate emails we upload are legitimate and actively used.


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