Review link optimization for all (Client Mode)


Hello Climbers,

According to language account setup (Agency Mode), "Review Link" makes more sens or is really confusing (Client Mode).

Let me explain, into Agency Mode, when you set up US 🇺🇸 as main language, the UX makes more sens as you can see in attachment.

[Look at the green rectangle] - Review Link page (Client Mode)
The introduction sentence make more sens "Choose initial page".
Once you select "star filter enabled" you can set up your landing page on the right.
This way, you know that your LP gets filter against negative feedback activated.
The same, when you select "star filter disabled", you know that your LP has no filter against negative feedback, and you can make the setup on the right.

For all other languages : EN, FR, IT, DE...
The meaning is confusing and not clear.
You should understand when you select "Evaluation" it means filter enabled and "Platform choice" means filter disabled.
This is weird and confusing.
You can double-check in your own mother tong what I mean in "Review Link" section into Client Mode.

This is why I ask we could have the same as US 🇺🇸. This way, It would be easier for your customers to understand how to set up their account correctly.

🙏 Thank you to upvote 🆙⬆️ in order we make more business all together.


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Giacomo Chinellato

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⚠️“Platform choice” means filter disabled.
This is illogical, weird and confusing