Set DAILY limits for Emails and SMS messages being sent out (in addition to monthly limits)!

Gary Gordon

I feel this is very important since even if we wanted to allow a client to sent out 1,000 or 2,000 or 5,000 or more SMS messages (and/or) Email messages a month, we certainly want to restrict them to only sending out a much smaller number each day. We wouldn't want them to be able to send out 1,000 or more SMS or email messages in one day. Even if just some of our clients were sending out lots of SMS or Emails each day, this could cause huge issues for us.


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Joevani Nolido

Can we also please include a “drip” option (fix and random time daily) for sending sms and email within the day?

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Gary Gordon

Joevani, great thought. :-)


Giacomo Chinellato

Status changed to: Under review