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Carson W

We need a way to edit the default templates on a global level so new accounts can include the [company] field on SMS.
If a customer read the text message, they would have NO idea who this company is and would not leave a review.
The only way to do this is if I manually add the [company] field.
Additionally, there's a grammatical issue with the SMS template that needs to be addressed.
"thanks for choosing us. We ask you to leave us a review." should be "Thanks for choosing us..."


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Giacomo Chinellato

Status changed to: Under review


Rusty Glaze

These are bugs. These should be fixed.

I would like the option to set my own defaults based on my preferences for my industry. It would save me time if I could lock in the defaults on each new client rather than setting it up manually each account.


Marketing Cash Cow

I'd love for the template to have capital letters at beginning sentences and an added adjective le to make customers feel import to the review process.

"Thank you for choosing us! We kindly ask you to leave us a review. Your feedback is vital to our success."

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