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Giacomo Chinellato

Create a template for negative review (1-3 stars) replies and positive review replies (4-5 stars). Reply automatically to Google and Facebook reviews.


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Mark UK

Please offer the 'option' of timed replies. Eg if client does not answer within an agreed timeframe the AI replies. Eg 1-3 days. Along with the option for immediate replies if client wants to be hands off and automate this. As suggested by Felix another option would be to alllow AI to reply to all 4 to 5 star reviews and not 1 to 3 stars. The system needs to be flexible so clients can choose how it serves 'their' needs.

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Felix Olmo

Just had a meeting with a vice-president of a luxury food and beverage company with locations in many states in the US and this was one of his top ask. He wants the 4-5 stars to be answered automatically and his managers to focus on managing the negative reviews

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Joevani Nolido

Fantastic! Automated review response! Will there be a date and time delay options as well?


Giacomo Chinellato

Status changed to: Planned