Upgraded Analytics

Giacomo Chinellato

- More analytics timeframes: a better review analytics period selection will help managers monitor review performance.

- Granular review platform analytics for the selected period: e.g. Google 100 new reviews, TripAdvisor 75 new reviews, Yelp 50 new reviews.

- Analytics for all review request methods: email/SMS/WhatsApp/QR code delivery analytics.

- Automated monthly reporting: clients will receive a monthly report that reflects their average feedback for that period, and each review platform's performance.

Also, we will think about showing where the review was posted from:
IP address, home wifi, "browser used", location, type of mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.


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Alex Blocher

Very Important and needed feature to show clients after a free trial the value of the plattform. It would also be great to see how many review came from the plattform if trackable


Felix Olmo

This is important…Just had a meeting with a vice-president of a luxury national food and beverage company with locations in many states in the US and this was one of his top ask. He wants a rollup report where he can see the performance of all his locations in one report and then be able to break them down individually. Being in headquarters his need is to be able to view the performance of the company as a whole first and then be able to view to each city individually.


Estelle L.

Amazing, can't wait for this 🙏


Giacomo Chinellato

Status changed to: Planned