Upgraded Analytics

Giacomo Chinellato

- More analytics timeframes: a better review analytics period selection will help managers monitor review performance.

- Granular review platform analytics for the selected period: e.g. Google 100 new reviews, TripAdvisor 75 new reviews, Yelp 50 new reviews.

- Analytics for all review request methods: email/SMS/WhatsApp/QR code delivery analytics.

- Automated monthly reporting: clients will receive a monthly report that reflects their average feedback for that period, and each review platform's performance.

Also, we will think about showing where the review was posted from:
IP address, home wifi, "browser used", location, type of mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.


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Estelle L.

Amazing, can't wait for this 🙏


Giacomo Chinellato

Status changed to: Planned